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Need shop with a large bed mill on the east coast


Mar 12, 2001
New Haven, CT
We have a job coming on a big weldment. 56"x62" overall travel required will be only about 16 inches x and y, but it will likely need at least about 60" under the spindle.

Anyone know of any shops capable of handling this type of work. Ideally the shop would be in Connecticut or within a 4hr drive of CT (as there's a part of the process we would like to witness). The 2 large bed mills I know of in CT are now gone! Otherwise I guess anywhere between here and Alabama where the parts are coming from would work out.


We have 2 large Forest Line gantry mills here in Central NY if you can't find anything closer. The "at least 60" under the spindle" part is a little tight... we have 61". Feel free to give us a call if you are still looking.

That's like a normal, everyday 4" HBM size part. Why do you think you need a floor mill for that?
We are considering going that route however the item is a big table with one long tall part on it that the concern is it will cantilever and have some sag when we go to put it on the machine. Thus a bed mill is the most ideal, or horizontal boring mill with a 90° head. Matt, I checked you guys aren't too far away if needed, still trying to nail down the logistics of this job.
Too big for me, but I sent you a PM with a few shops that have done good work for me in the past.