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Need some help identifying some grinder hub/ adapters please


Apr 22, 2016
San Antonio
Hi all,

Asking for help as I’ve hit the very small limits of my grinder knowledge and hours of perusing the sopko catalog and the net hasn’t given me any answers.

I have two lots of hubs with odd tapers and I also have some massive things that I have no clue about whatsoever.

First lot, balance hubs for wet grinding. Taper is 1.28” large, 0.99” small (rough guess, can’t get in there even with my caliper) and 1.47” or so long. Rough measurements for sure. Hubs have a 2” OD, which is fairly odd in itself. Works out to around 2.2” taper per foot. Left hand threads on the nut. Extractor threads are 1-3/8 x 16tpi RH. Positive on the pitch, pretty confident on the size

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Oh and this is so I can sell them, so if that kind of thing annoys you I totally understand.

Next lot, an even shallower taper with 3” OD. Large end is 0.92”, small end is 0.84 or thereabouts and it’s about 1.66” long, for about a 0.5” tpf (I think). Best as I can tell the extractor thread is 1-11/64 x 16tpi RH. Edit: actually I think it’s M30x1.5, threads have fits better
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And these oddities. Both look like they have 6” silicon carbide wheels in screw on adapters. No female taper anywhere, only 60deg centers. Through a bit of sleuthing and looking at other lots from the same place, I think the brand is Kurodawa (not the Japanese animator). Totally stumped by theseIMG_1591.jpegIMG_1593.jpegIMG_1592.jpeg