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Need some help on a Hurco KMB-1 w Teco 7200-2007-n1 motor controller


Jan 21, 2011
Highland IL
I finally got my KMB-1 up and running today and it was working fine but after I came back from lunch the spindle would not work!!! (I left things powered up but just turned off the spindle)

At first it was saying "ALARM DC. volt Low" I tried to clear the fault several times by power off and back on the 7200 but it didnt work. Next I tried hitting the reset button on the 7200 itself and that didn't seem to work either it looks like I might have accidentally got in and erased my program cause now it says "Freq Cmd. 000.00hz and the following lights are lit: Drv Seq, Ref, Run and the stop light is blinking!

I really really need to get this solved soon and get this part made! ANy ideas on whats going on and how to fix it?


God bless...

PS. It is a Teco/Westinghouse NA 7200-2007 rated for HP 7.5 and KVA 10.0 It runs 200-230v input. And for what its worth I was told this mill has the 6,000 rpm spindle. and the mill is a BX model (Doubt that matters but oh well.)
Not knowledgable at all about your specifics, but many VFD's are designed to be fairly "Murphy Proof" about deleting programmed parameters, particularly when installed by the factory as their spindle speed control. Sometimes it is necessary to actually use a jumper wire between 2 terminals to clear a fault or do a reset. Bottom line is, random button pushing probably won't do any harm or do you any good.

The last Hurco I fooled with that had a VFD, I solved the problem by clearing the fault, and reinstalling the master program.