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New Abene VHF3 Owner With a Few Questions


Apr 5, 2023
Hello Everyone!

I recently picked up an Abene VHF-3. After a few weeks cleaning it up and making adjustments, it is now under power and has made some chips. I have a few questions for fellow VHF3 owners:

1. I noticed the table power feed and rapid feeds only work when the spindle is running counter clockwise. When the spindle is running clockwise, no power feeds work. And when the spindle is off, no power feeds work. I'm pretty sure I should have power feeds when the spindle is running CW and CCW, correct? And I should also have power feeds when the spindle is not running, is that correct?

2. Also regarding power feeds/rapids. The power feed button is only working as a momentary switch, I have to hold it the whole time I'm feeding. This switch should latch right? And the rapid switch, this one latches, but I think it should be a momentary switch. Is that correct or should they both latch?

3. As for adjusting the feed rate, the adjustment lever is pretty hard to turn. Does this lever need to be adjusted with the feed shaft spinning or stationary? Also want to verify, the numbers closest to the main casting are horizontal feeds, and the numbers closest to the handle are vertical feeds?

Thanks to all who post up info on these mills, there doesn't seem to be too much out there!
Just for fun I would swap two of the three phase wires. I know my Schaublin behaved strangely (rapid didn't work) just because of the order of the phases coming in. Totally different machine of course but an easy thing to test.

Thank you both for the reply. Changing the phasing fixed most of the feed problems. Reconnecting a loose wire fixed the rest of them. Feeds are now working correctly!

Another issue.. after changing all the fluids, the knee has a pretty big leak from under the base casting. I've got a pretty big puddle forming. Seems like it must be coming from the telescoping screw cover, but from underneath the base casting. Has anyone on here had their abene torn down to that point or familiar with how that's setup? I'm wondering if I get the machine lifted up high enough if there's some sort of cover with an oring I can replace.. curious if anyone has put eyes on the underside of the base?
Not an Abene guy but have read here about an "O" ring that seals the telescoping cover.
Others have had leakage issues with this as i recall.
Cheers Ross
Yes, I recall reading about the telescoping cover leak before. The telescoping cover definitely leaks a bit, and I can live with that because the oil should stay on top of the base casting and drain into the coolant reservoir. What's weird is that the leak I'm concerned about is leaking underneath the mill directly onto the floor. I'm hoping someone who has put eyes on the bottom of the base casting can chime in and shed some light on what's under there. Wish I had an inspection camera.. thanks for the input.
The telescoping cover definitely leaks a bit, and I can live with that because the oil should stay on top of the base casting and drain into the coolant reservoir.
If you have coolant this will be a problem. "Tramp oil" will contaminate the coolant and cause it to turn rancid quickly. Need to skim the coolant if you have oil mixing.
Not so much of an issue if you use cutting oil..But then its harder to clean up and is not as efficient as a coolant.
Parts manual might shed some light on what is under the machine....
Once ran a #4 Cinci horizontal that had a drain for the elevating screw sump on the under side of the base......Needed a serious crane to get to that plug.

Cheers Ross