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That is just so stupid, stupid..........can't even grasp how stupid that is..........
We had a full commercial woodshop........never vac'ed my beams :rolleyes5:
I've walked thru other shops where the sawdust was a foot thick in places.......still there.
Pretty soon we will all have to wear charcoal masks in case someone has bad breath........ nobody will be offended.:willy_nilly::willy_nilly:
Yeah, its not even that bad we talking maybe 1/16" of dust. We got a good dust collector.

It's about as crazy as them being upset there is small layer of sawdust on the floor...right next to the guy cutting or shaping an odd ball job with hand tools, like they think the shop doesn't get swept and cleaned up every day. When the guys are making things, they create sawdust, more sawdust every single day. If it didn't get cleaned up they couldn't work as it would become many feet deep.
Makes sense ...dust explosions are two stage ...first one aerates all the settled dust in the building ,second one is the biggie,all the aerated dust explodes and levels the lot.
Once per year deep clean should be all you need to do.
We were written up by MOE for some spilled sawdust, around our dust collector hopper. Ok for us to give the sawdust to a farmer who uses it for bedding then spreads it outside. But if it ends up on our grass it's industrial waste??!!
Compared to other situations a bit of sawdust on the ground is not industrial waste.....

What about the logger in the woods cutting down the tree?
He's making sawdust, same as around the hopper. one is "green" the other dry
So what's the difference???
There is none ...other than needless regulation.
You also can’t have the government step in and protect local markets. They have that system in South Africa and it leads to certain companies having monopolies. These companies act as a barrier to entry for new entrants anyway. Unfortunately, everyone’s feeling the pinch of the increasing cost of living. Even if you can reduce your cost with tools like back office outsourcing services, you still have to compete with the companies manufacturing in China. While most consumers would prefer to buy it manufactured at home, economies of scale coming to play. If you’re battling financially, would you want to pay double for an item to support the local economy?
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T. We can then decide if a particular certification (medical, DOD, aerospace) would be worth the investment.

You have a lot to learn grass hopper.

So you get the certifications and the customers just come running to your door?

Doesn't work that way. You need to get to know the buyers in these places. And buyers can be hard to deal with. They'll have their preferred vendors they like dealing with, so it can be hard to get your foot in the door.
Best bet is finding a friendly engineer who has the ability to choose what vendors he wants to use, get your door in that way.


Best way to make a small fortune in the machining business?

Star with a large fortune.