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New engineering graduate with 2- years Seeking opportunity in Midwest and Southeast region


Oct 31, 2020

I would greatly appreciate any leads for a mechanical engineering role, especially in the Southeast region. I am currently in my last semester of my master's program in Materials and Energy Science Engineering.

I have three years of experience working in a machine shop environment, where I was responsible for programming and operating CNC machines. I also have two years of experience as an energy analyst and two years as a design engineer for a startup based in California. I am actively seeking an opportunity to further develop my career in design engineering within a manufacturing environment. I would appreciate any leads. Currently based out of Louisville, KY

Mavika, We are a defense & aerospace manufacturing company located in Winchester KY seeking engineers that are eager to learn and are passionate about engineering. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected]. We offer relocation assistance as well!