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New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon


May 7, 2005
Prescott Valley
It was on a new DM and Haas has been out to adjust it. Comes down to the ball screw pitch being so stretched out to get those kinds of rapids. There is a reason micrometers are 40 pitch and not 15mm pitch like a DM/DT/SS. My VF's are 8mm pitch and the VM is 6mm pitch and I can interpolate a hole and sweep it with an indicator and get .0002" TIR


Jun 8, 2013
The nomenclature is a little odd on this one. It's really what a HEM500u used to be. GF has consoloded to single letter nomenclature so therin lays the confusion. Anyhow, this guy is a real base model. Gear drive table for 3+2 and basic CAT40/12k. Still, it's quite accurate. The normal US spec for the E500u is DD tourque motors and high speed HSK63.