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New lathe install need advice


Cast Iron
Dec 4, 2009
N.E. Pa.
I'm doing a new install on a clausing colchester a50 storm. I've seen warnings on other lathes about the hydraulic pump spinning backwards. My question is how do all of you out there check that it's spinning in the right direction. I can open a cover and see the fan on the pump motor but the fins are straight. There is also no direction arrow on the motor. I had someone suggest that I just hook it up and start it for a few seconds. If it is correct the needle on the chuck gauge will show pressure. If backwards it will not. Is this the best way to do this?

Thanks everyone.
Try looking on the pump itself and not the motor for an arrow. The motor doesn’t care what way it goes… the pump does.

And depending on the pump you may be able to tell just by looking at the hose setup what way it should be spinning.
I figured it out. I started it up it ran for a few seconds then got a hydraulic low pressure alarm. I flipped the incoming red and black wires. Restarted and had no hydraulic alarm. Filled the coolant and it pumped fine.
Thanks everyone.