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New Machine Time (Help!)


Apr 3, 2023
Lads, got a new Robodrill with Tsudakoma TBS130 rotary (much inspired by this very forum, I know it's not a Brother, but close enough?!), I'm having trouble getting all the parameters set to get the rotary going, any help would be appreciated!

Fanuc can't fit me in until next month for a visit, I have messaged their very friendly apps guys but it sounds like they are flooded at the moment, so getting slow replies. I may be confusing things due to getting the rotary through a separate company, rather than through Fanuc. They only offered Kitagawa, Nikken, and Lehmann tables when I asked, but I really wanted one of these Tsudakoma's so thought I would risk it

The rotary was supplied and fitted by a specialist company in the UK, they aligned everything and set all the reference points, and set a load of parameters that were supplied by Tsudakoma. When doing test programs in MDI it performs as expected.

Here's what I currently have for some of the rotary axis parameters, inspired by the alarm that pops up, PS5459 Machine Parameter Incorrect

19665 - 19667 - No changes, I don't believe I need these, but not sure?

19680 - 12
19681 - 4
19682 - 2

19684 - 1

19686 - 5
19687 - 1

19689 - 0 (I believe the manual suggests this is usually 1 for my configuration, but looking at it move I think this needs to be 0)

19696 - 00000000

19697 - 3

19700 - X cor
19701 - Y cor
19702 - Z cor

19703-19705 - No changes, I don't believe I need these, but not sure?

19741 - 110
19742 - -30
19743 - 0 ?
19744 - 0 ?

19746 - 00000000

19696 and 19746 are the ones I'm struggling with the most, I have tried adjusting these but have gone back to standard settings for now. Are these TCP settings? Manual doesn't make it clear in my opinion!

19754 is being mentioned in the alarm, but I don't have reference to it in the slightly outdated manual I've downloaded, I don't believe a physical copy came with machine, I'm trying my best with the built in manual but I can't find the "description of parameters" section which seems to be the most useful part

I don't believe I have set any TCP settings, it's mentioning TCP and TRC type 1/2 in the alarm, but really struggling to find much reference to where to actually set these? I suspect it's 19696 or 19746 but unsure!

Attached a picture for visual reference showing the machine setup

Running a basic test program and it works for a little bit, but then alarms out when getting to the second G68.2, the rotary does move to the correct position, but then alarms out before spindle comes down.

Any and all help would be appreciated! I've no doubt left out some important info, so do let me know what I missed


Edit: I'm based in the UK if it matters, I forgot it doesn't say where we're from anymore!

Programming from centre of rotation, attached a pic for reference, it does the first path fine and everything looks good, retracts the spindle, rotates the rotary, then alarms out before the spindle comes back down to do the second path on the opposite side

Fanuc confirmed my previous test program was okay with nothing obviously incorrect going on, haven't confirmed my latest one but it should all be the same


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