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New to me 1997 Kitamura Mycenter 2x

Im guessing you defined x,y based on the tag on back of machine and im guessing they were trying to say that when the table travels that direction you are getting a x plus y plus. But Its no different than any other mill ive ran, x plus to right of offset zero and y plus to the back of machine from your offset so flipped from what you have.

I could never figure out a reasonable z offset so I ended up setting off table but at 4" with the dial presetter then using my haimer(you could use a tool) to calculate the difference between my reference point of 4" above table. I leave g54 z at 0 and the difference on the update page which is usually around .3-.5 above the 4" reference.

z offset is measured from z home so -17 doesn't seem all that out of line but maybe? I would make sure your tool offset was on the right tool when measured and verify on the update page of position there's not something in z. This update feature can be SUPER handy or it can just as easily scrap a part and crash you if you forget you have something in it....

I would highly recommend one of those tool setters and a haimer regardless of how your setting tools etc

Yeah the picture on the back of the machine is really throwing me off. Also the handwheel feels backward for + and -, going to take some time for this to become 2nd nature. I will flip my WCS and see how the simple program runs.

I have a Haimer and a 4inch tool setter on the way.

So I have been doing alot of learning in the Yasnac manual and trial and error on the control. I think I am heading in the right direction.

There is pm6008 D0 that changes the tool offset between length of travel and remainder. Remainder mode makes more sense to me. The way I read it,

Set a bottom level, in my case I am setting this to the table. Which works out to -24.xxx inches. I set this using 123s and picked a spot on the spindle nose.
Set a bias, I am setting this as 4 inches
Bring tool to setter
Hit retract
Machine set a tool offset of 3.950inch which with a quick rough measure of the tool seems about right

Then g54 I set my X,Y to the back left of my material. (btw I changed my WCS in fusion thanks @Lock)
For Z since I dont have my Haimer gauge yet I brought the spindle nose down to a 3 inch block sitting on the parallels in the vise. Z read -16.xxx so I set my g54 z to -19.xxx. Once I have the Haimer gauge I can be much more accurate here and shouldnt have to re-measure while using known parallels etc.

I then ran my program. Again I was "cutting air" I even pulled the vise off to be safe. The tool seemed to be where I would expect it to be.

Thoughts on this process? I think I am getting close to actually cutting something...
Im going to look into that parameter when I get my spindle drive sorted; that would be so much nicer to just haimer the z from home and set it in g54.

I would think the bias would need to be from z home to haimer zero on the 4” block that way the tools, haimer and part all run together.

Hopefully someone smarter than me will chime in..
Positive numbers in the Bias will bring the tool down closer to the part.
Never looked to see if there is a parameter to change this behavire.

When you activate tool setting it is measuring Z movement from where it was activated, not the machine position.
We make sure to always zero return the Z before turning it on.