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New Tool Holder recommendations


Hot Rolled
Mar 7, 2012
Ormond Beach
Hey machinists! I am putting together a list for tooling up an new Genos 560. We currently have one and are a fan of it. I am not the operator of the current one but will be for the new one.

The operator has said that he has not seen much of a difference between the finish using big plus tools and regular tools in it. Its more of a lite roughing and finishing machine for us. I'm guessing heavy roughing and long tool hangouts is where your going to see big improvements in surface finish and rigidity.

I want to incorporate a few hydraulic holders for finishing applications, we currently have heat shrink. I'm new to hydraulic and big plus. Will I notice a difference with a big plus hydraulic vs a regular hydraulic for finishing? I'm eyeing the Maritool ones but will be open to other options.

What tools are a must have in big plus and what tools does it not matter in your experience?
Almost everything in machining is application dependent. Light roughing and finishing in composites or tantalum? Are your parts large stainless castings or do you have 500 tiny aluminum parts fixtured up and being milled with 1/8" cutters. Also what kind of tolerances are you trying to hold? If things are loose just get a pile of ER-32's and some side locks and save your money.
Smaller mill here (Speedio) but 95% of my machining is 6al-4v so believe it is a fair test of hard to machine stuff. I have tried Hydraulics and several brands of ER holders. Once I went with Regofix MR, I will not go to another brand for a collet holder and am looking to get their Power Grip in the future. I did not change anything in my programming, simply swapped the same tool into a Regofix MR holder/collet and instantly got an incredible surface finish on 6-4 Titanium. I have far better finishes on TI than I have seen on most Aluminum coming out of other shops.
Hydraulic holders are really nice, but if I wanted to maximize rigidity for roughing, I'd pick out some milling chucks. They've been really stellar for us in milling out Hastelloy. I've been pleased with the ones we got from Seco.
EMUGE FPC and never look back. (No Big Plus offering on them but we run them in our big plus spindles no issues)
What materials will you be cutting?

CAT40 spindle?
A mix of tool steel, aluminum and a little bit of ss and exotics. Its a little bit of everything here. Primarily its going to be a finishing machine for us for injection molds. Hardened h13, s7, 420 and p20. and yes on the spindle
Why even think about getting a non big plus holder at all? The price difference isn't all that much.
We have 3 genos m560's and cut the same type of materials that you mention and we use shrink fit and hydraulic both as well as ER25, ER40 and side lock holders.
The majority of our holders are Mari-Tool with the exception of a couple of Sandvik (very expensive) and some Pioneer jet-blast shrink fit holders.
Absolutely no issues with the Mari-Tool holders at all over the course of about 10 years since we started using them and you can't beat their prices.
If your finishing injection molds mostly then you want big plus holders anyway, it ensures the tools stay more closely to the same Z height they were when you probe them.
If not the Z height of your tools will fluctuate during long surfacing cycles.
I do injection molds also, and big plus all the way.