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Noisy Single Phase Lathe motor

Who's main choice??
My main choice is capacitor start/induction run,
if I want torque to run something that is not a fan.

Don't confuse a motor that has a run capacitor with a motor that is a cap start/run and has no centrifugal switch (PSC motor). The PSC are great for fans, and not very good for other things, because their speed regulation is not great.

A motor with a run capacitor will have smoother torque than one without.

BTW, both types are just "induction motors", with or without a start capacitor. "Capacitor start/induction run" is not really a motor type, it is not like "repulsion start/induction run", where the motor operating principle changes.
My experience with single phase motors 1, 3, 5 hp:
They are much quieter free running than the stuff they are spinning.
If the don't sound quiet on a free run then check the sheet metal skins for vibration.