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Noob can’t figure out how to wire motor...

Start by reading the South Bend "How to run a lathe" book cover to cover !!

Will do. I’m going to scour the area for a machinist that knows these old things and try to get him over here and pick his brain. I feel like I would learn more that way. When I read any of the jargon you guys use I go cross eyed. For now I would just settle for it running and I can teach myself some bare minimum basics.
Either way, thanks for the help. Gonna start another thread about my model a.
I would read through the thread that this post is in..... https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/south-bend-lathes/1947-model-9a-128005/index3.html#post579465

Paula had a 5 lead motor. The motor needs some way to safely reverse and there are different ways to do so.... I would read all of that thread and then head off to a motor shop and confer with them before the motor is damaged. Motors are hard to find for a reasonable cost...

I am working through a 1950's Axelson 16 inch that had the magnetic starter and the pecker head sheared off.. All I had were 9 wires about an inch long.... We tried several tests to figure out which wires were pairs and finally figured it out... Here are two videos on our frustrating project...


In the end we hit upon a test that gave us good results and the motor is now running....Good luck with yours!