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Nx offline training


Feb 2, 2016
We had an employee that we were trying to train in esprit. Problem was, we would send him for training, but then workflow would change and there was little for him to program. Then when he did need to program something he couldn't remember and then would go back to hand coding.

To solve the issue i bought CAMWizard training package for esprit. Guy took off like a rocket, because he could go back and reference anything he hadn't done in awhile. I was actually self taught myself in esprit the same way.

The higher ups liked the success of this approach, and want to see if there is such a thing for NX.

Looking for recommendations for self training for NX. The cam wizard training consisted of about 80hrs of video for lathes, mills, advanced courses for each, mill/turn training, wire edm, and even an essentials course of how to setup your environment to make things easier for you.




there's more training videos on their xcelerator academy website than i could watch in my lifetime.

as well as at any point, on any window inside NX, if you hit F1 key, it takes you to the online 'manual' that explains every function on that page. easily one of the best documented CAD/CAM packages that i've ever seen.