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O/T Anyone have bunion surgery?

A lot of people are on their feet all day. I remember that flat feet contribute to the joint sticking out.
Some kind of muscle deformity. I've seen those off-the-shelf orthotics and wondered about that.
I thought those had to be custom fit. But at least something from the store might fit a large percentage of people
and it's better than nothing. Might even prevent the joint from moving and save an operation.
First of all have you seen a doctor to verify it is really a bunion? The reason I ask is gout looks very much the same as a bunion on the big toe. The big difference being that gout usually lasts a few days to a week and then it goes away for a while. Also the gout pain usually starts in the morning when you get out of bed.

If you are diagnosed with gout, beer will only make it worse.