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O/T - Need a new central air conditioner.

Didn't know that.
If it were all chinese-made junk it'd be working great, for 1/10th the price.

I have no idea how many air conditioners are made every year in China but there's 26 million people in this city alone, so probably 10 million air conditioners, and they all work great. Every place I've lived has had chinese air conditioners, a lot of them so old that the plastic is so yellowed you can't even tell which brand (you want to know that when you get a new remote because someone spilled coke on the old one), and gollee, you come in from 95* and 200% humidity damn is it loverly. And this isn't even the hotter part of the country. All this for like $300 for a new minisplit.

If there's anything that works good here, it's air conditioning. Whatever bryant is doing, has nothing to do with chinese air conditioners.
Got a guy coming tomorrow (neighbor's buddy) to look but pretty sure the compressor is shot, it's 23 yrs old. Did the usual, changed the cap, contactor is good, fan works but nothing from the compressor.

Was hoping to use the same mounting frame that's 24" x 36" but not seeing anything that size/shape any more. Are they all "squarish" and tall now? Existing unit is 1.5 ton, think I'll go with a 2 ton (house is 2000 sq ft.), are there any rectangular shaped condensers these days?

Recommended brands? Any to stay away from?
I did not see where you are located. In eastern Pennsylvania I would expect to see 2.5 to 3 tons for a 2000 s.f. house.
I would stay away from York and Goodman. Most other brands are fairly close in quality. The installation is more important than the brand.
Every brand will put out a lemon once in a while. Like having a problem with your Lexus and you say they are all junk......really :willy_nilly:
HVAC has two categories of equipment, your premier brands and the house brands.
The premier brands have the penalty of proprietary parts which you will pay for dearly.
House brands use "standard" parts (with some few exceptions) so parts needed later on are more available to any tech= lower cost.
There are no hard figures, but I would say 75% of issues are from poor installation.
Most HVAC companies just slap them in with no concern for the customers. It's set the condenser , hang the evap , connect the line set, turn it on,
collect money and drive off
Few techs actually know what superheat and subcooling are and how to check.
If these two are not correct the efficiency of the system suffers greatly.
Sad to say, but HVAC is the one industry where the install can be so bad but it will still "operate"
Sad to say, but HVAC is the one industry where the install can be so bad but it will still "operate"
Like when they install the evaporator coil backwards or upside down.. And it ices up because the baffle plate to catch the condensate is instead creating a venturi that prevents air from flowing through part of the coil.

I proved the matter when i put strips of paper across the coil such that the air was forced to flow through the coil evenly. No ice formation.
I think this wonderful Bryant system can hear me. Today is a hot humid day and I smell hot wiring.
Yup for the second time in four years the main blower motor in the furnace has gone tits up. I opened the furnace and the blower motor is smoking. Aah yes, nothing better than the smell of chinese insulation stinking up my house. Now where am I going to find a chin blower motor on a Sunday. I consider myself lucky if the local dealer even returns a call. Symbo is gonna be pissed when the house heats up this afternoon, and of course it's MY fault the POS quit again.