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Oemeta Novamet 910 Corrosion!


Cast Iron
Nov 28, 2017
Anyone have a opinion to the corrosion resistance of Oemeta Novamet 910 or similar.
I really like the coolant, and have been running it for 5 years, but it seems to be less corrosion resistant
than some other coolants.
I have been getting staining under the Orange vise jaws.
I thought it was because of old coolant, So when we moved our shop we put all new coolant in all the machines.
And even our brand new machine with brand new Orange vises gets a brown stain under the floating vise jaws.
It wipes off, but does leave a stain.
Even when coated with LPS3
We did have some higher humidity in the shop, but now have some large industrial dehumidifiers added the past week.
We used Qualchem Xtreme Cut 250C before and liked that as a second.
Any opinion?


May 11, 2017
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Never used that brand of coolant, but are you using straight tap water or DI water to mix? I had massive rust problems with tap water, put in a DI system and they went away.


Cast Iron
Jun 8, 2018
We've ran most of the popular brands at one point or another, Hangsterfers and Blaser some of the not too long ago brands. We were running MicroSol 690XT and really like it. Then we switched over to the Novamet 900. I didn't see any corrosion Issues. But for other reasons we're switching back to MicroSol. Currently in the midst of switching everything over to 685LF. We won't be switching again as long as I'm running the show.


Cast Iron
Nov 28, 2017
I really like the coolant, it doesn't leave your machines as coated with oil like others.
We also machine injection molds from 7075, So we have the part submerged in coolant sometimes for 100's of hours, and the coolant doesnt stain the Aluminum,
even though it is a injection mold so wouldnt matter if it did, not cosmetic.
The main reason I like it is that they make the ISO way lube that just turns into coolant when entering your sump,
we have a box way lathe that dumps a lot of way lube into the machine, and having the HYCUT SW-32
just increase coolant concentration instead of contaminating the coolant is great!! No more skimmer needed!
I am seriously thinking it was the issue of too high of a humidity, I am in Utah, extremely dry, arid air.
But we were hitting like 70% humidity levels in both shops.
Hitting 1.5" indexables at 10k rpm with coolant, and then mist collectors on each machine, adds a lot of water to the air.