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Off. Topic: Compression socks vs tight socks


Mar 21, 2020
3 years ago I had edema caused by an infection. I was told to wear compression socks by my doctor. Bought 7 pairs at $50.00 a pair. I stopped wearing them when the edema was gone. Then bought regular dress socks from Amazon. Supposed to fit sizes 7-12 , I wear size 10. These socks were tighter than the compression socks.
I stopped wearing them because they cut circulation to my calves.
Went to a shoe store and bought socks there, they are fine.


Aug 31, 2006
A while back I had surgery... when I woke up they had compression socks on me, and I was instructed to wear them for a while. Not a problem.

On another front, I have what dermatologists have determined to be a form of Eczema.... on my lower legs... shins to be exact. It comes and goes... but there for a little while it caused edema in my lower legs... not feet... just in the calf and shin area. Itched like crazy, and me being the type of person who enjoys scratching it... I'd scratch til it bled in some cases. What I noticed that not only did it bleed, but a clear liquid would ooze out as well...quite a bit, in my opinion. Lots of fluid had built up in the area of my shins.
So, I started wearing those compression socks, and went to WMart and bought some more. Even there they are not cheap.
That cured the edema problem. Eczema is still there, but the fluid retention part of it disappeared. I told my doctor about all that.
Those WM purchased socks are tight... but I got to wearing them even after the edema episode. They're kinda comfortable. I set all day at my job, hours on end...so I figure that wearing them doesn't hurt a thing, and they prevent fluid buildup in my lower extremities from setting all day.


Cast Iron
Jul 23, 2015
East Side / Detroit
I've been wearing compression socks for about 4 years now. Probably more important the first two years when I was dealing with leg swelling / water retension. With some weight loss and better eating, I don't have to wear them all the time now, and hopefully I can do away with them entirely if I lose the last 70 lbs I have left.

They made a big difference in the condition of my lower legs at the end of the day.

With the socks on, the calf muscle was still pliable and swelling significantly reduced when took them off at the end of the day and checked my legs. If I didn't wear them, the calf was swollen and not very pliable. Push with a thumb and it as almost hard from the swelling.

Read up on their benefits, lots of sports figures use them, not just those of us with medical related issues. Get the right size, the right compression force, etc., even if you have to get a couple of pairs to dial that all in. Of course, your doctor is likely the first place to start, as others have suggested.


Mar 5, 2009
California, USA
I viewed a video about that was a ultra-sound view of a human arm or leg with the joint moving.
Any pain results from the fibrous tissues that slide over each other. There is a over the counter pill being sold to eliminate the pain.
A diet enhancement would probably do the fix as well.

So those compression socks compress the area and that just pack those fibrous tissues together.
I remembered this because it was said that ounce for ounce the tissue was stronger than steel.