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Offhand tool grinder wheel designation?


Cast Iron
Jan 13, 2009
West MO
Is this already being discussed; love that pre-post questionnaire.
No, according to variously worded searches.

Later this morning, pulling in a XLO double end carbide toolbit grinder. Model 148 SN 1480008 3ph, 60hz, 440v, Navy Yard custody plate.
10" wheels, shrouding around them, tilt adjust tables slotted for miter guide, fully tubbed to retain coolant, Graymills pump and tank in the base. There are Hammond grinders, very similar. Maybe some rebranding going on. Shouldn't be a factor in this.
Can't ID the name for that type wheel, mounted on plates, drilled for a axle type pattern. Seems I'll hang green wheels while sourcing diamonds. I'd rather offhand form tools, and prep cemented bits on a pedestal anyway.
Been through Norton, ebay, McMaster-Carr, google......
Anybody? Somebody?
(for me, THIS is a short post)
Toolmaker, gotta use more coherent post titles. I'll edit this one for you; please make sure they're more relevant to the thread content in the future. Titles need to reflect accurately on thread content so others can more easily find relevant information in future searches... "Shortest post ever" is no bueno.
It is called a 10" plate-mounted wheel, pretty sure it is the same wheel used on the Hammond 10" carbide grinder
Hammond model WD 10
Hammond phone No 603-523-4353
Might also call Radial wheels.
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The guys who make diamond wheels will make any shape or form you want.
A 10 inch dia 3/4 face wheel with 1/4 to 3/8 inch of diamond on it should run around $300-$500.

Cheap method? Buy a resin bond diamond wheel off E-yuck with the diamond section you need.
Slice the diamond section off with the lathe. Cut your existing for a base and epoxy the two pieces together.
You need some way to true it after this but you can get away with skipping that step somewhat.

Never had great luck with unknown diamond bonds or concentration but for need it tomorrow use we do take say a Blanchard wheel we know and slice and dice to go on the Agathon.
My diamond vit bond guy loves it if I send him a used core that he can put the new diamond on. Saves me $100 or more.
Want to do the effort to draw a print? I can set you up with my source for 30+ years.
The whole trick is a good wheel. McMaster sells generic do everything Radiac.
None-none-none of these have worked well for me but if you spend 2 to 10K per month in diamond wheels you get sort of very picky about life and speed.
Perhaps they are better suited to dry grinding and small feeds. (also note Radiac makes anything you want so they are very good diamond wheel company)
Nice thing is in stock and one day delivery rather that the 6 weeks.

You usage is not mine and I would rarely off-hand grind a carbide tool so maybe poopy and shit talk from the net that may not apply to your wants and needs.
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Got machine off trailer and indoors. Being a wet wheel, the screws (most) are rusted in place. So are both quadrants and bolts for setting table angle........acquisition cost will make all this worthwhile, fingers crossed.
Anyway, it's a 10'' wheel, 1.5'' wide, around .200 thickness of abrasive on wheel edge, none on face. 2 sets of 6 hole bolt circles, larger one being used are 1/4" flat head screws on 5.5'' centers. There's no way manufacturer or designations will be readable.
That's a Type 2 wheel, probably search for: 10" plate mounted type 2 grinding wheel, and you should find some leads. Bolt pattern might be difficult to find if it is non-standard and the machine was made by an older manufacturer that's long out of business, but you can drill whatever pattern you need into the plate easily enough.
Qt Op: (Anyway, it's a 10'' wheel, 1.5'' wide, around .200 thickness of abrasive on wheel edge, none on face. 2 sets of 6 hole bolt circles, larger one being used are 1/4" flat head screws on 5.5'' centers. There's no way manufacturers or designations will be readable )

That seems an odd description..Does the wheel look like this, but with yours being 10",
where this wheel is listed at 9" (hole centers look like about 4" on this wheel)
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A picture is worth 1000 words.
Never seen a XLO tool grinder that does not use a face wheel.
The tilt on the tables would have to front to back rather than the normal sideways. I do not know this model number.
You do not mention your budget. I most certainly understand dropping $400 on a new diamond wheel is a lot of money and crazy.
Also way guessing you want to grind carbide on it and not HSS lathe bits.
Rust is not a problem at all. Just a matter of take apart and clean and stone.
We are all trying to help but we do not have enough information...
QT Op: (Been through Norton, ebay, McMaster-Carr, google......
Anybody? Somebody?)

There are so many wheels that catalogs don't list them all. Call the Hammond company to get the wheel description for their 10" machine and if it has the same bolt-hole pattern company or Radaic.

Finding the wheel and perhaps The Hammond machine that has a similar wheel you might post a thread here with those machines listed in the title to perhaps find a used wheel.

Here is the Radic catalog..but it likely does not have your wheel listed.
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