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Oil or Grease or Both? - Mori Seiki SH/NH 50 Horizontal APC Rebuild


Jun 30, 2015
Saint Paul, MN
To start... looking for info on correct lubrication for the APC unit on my mid 90's Mori Horizontal APC unit. There is zero in the manual other than someone writing in 9 gallons of Mobil DTE 26. The very helpful Mori service guy had little to offer with certainty.

1) If there are any Mori SH or NH 40/50/500/503/5000 or similar owners out there with perhaps a newer machine, I ask if you could give your maintenance manual a look see for APC lubrication info. (Type & Quantity)

My 2nd slant is asking those with some knowledge of such things what they recommend. Some pictures for reference.

APC 1.jpgAPC 2.jpgAPC 3.jpgAPC 4.jpgIMG_2218.JPGAPC 0.jpg

1) I did drain 14 gallons of oil out of it. The first 4 or 5 gallons being water/oil. The thing must have been full to the top with oil and oil emulsion coolant.
2) There is an oil sight glass at the top left of the large rectangular.side panel (can see the large opening in image 4)
3) The unit contains a couple large gears and a number of cams, all riding on vertical shafts rotating on Taper Roller Bearings on each end.
4) The main driving force is by cam action coming off the main driven shaft, then bearing against large cam followers on an intermediate shaft which then, thru a large driven gear, drives another gear on the hydraulic cylinder that doubles as the pallet lifting and translating device. All gear movement is a product off the cams. I'd say slow moving and medium to heavy loading.
5) Regardless of 9 gallons of oil or slathered in grease, the upper shaft bearings and portions of the gear faces are in the air. And I doubt there is enough speed in movement to create real splash lubrication for the upper bearings. The 6 heavy cam followers (which with oil are fully submerged) were all greased from the factory with no other in the field re-greasing point other then removing them completely. 4 of the 6 had all their grease washed out from the oily water. Rusty water-oil everywhere.

I'm sort of leaning towards oil and greasing the upper bearings. All the access side panels were fully gasketed, which they wouldn't need to be with only grease, unless coolant is a bigger problem then I'm aware of with this machine. Not sure how much coolant gets carried into the pallet station during operation.

The Mori service guy did say he uses 320 oil in gearboxes.

Thanks to all for their help and insight.
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