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Okuma 919-13 alarm help


Mar 25, 2021
we have an Okuma Impact LU35 twin turret lathe with An OSP7000L controller we are trying to bring back online. When we start it up we get alarm 919-13 Z axis encoder alarm. We have swapped out the encoder but still are getting the alarm. Any one else ever run in to this alarm and what was the resolution? Thanks in advance.
Update I have found a cable that was plugged in to the wrong socket. Now that it is plugged in to the correct socket I am getting 923-13 alarm. If I unplug cable I get the 919-13 alarm back. Which leads me to believe that I am on the right path.
Hola me llamo fredy y soy de colombia.
También estoy tratando de i iniciar un lu35 que estuvo parado por mucho tiempo... me esta sacando la alarma 923-13 svp sa error de comunicación zaaxis z.
si yo puedo ayudar como solucionarla se lo agradecería muchísimo
Gracias saludos.