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Okuma Genos Lathe Alarm 1741


Jun 30, 2023
Hi there,

I'm kinda scrambling right now. On my team, I was mainly the cnc mill, cnc edm, manual lathe, surface grinding guy, and there was this other guy on the team that operated this cnc lathe. Well he retired recently and even though I asked him to teach me, he's basically going to keep his secrets to the grave. Anyways, now the company wants me to learn this cnc lathe asap because we got parts we need to produce with this machine soon. Problem is, I've never touched a cnc lathe before so there's a big learning curve ahead of me. I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm working with: Okuma Genos L2000-e

The alarm that keeps coming up is: "1741 Alarm-A Chuck Unclamp 1." The manual says: "spindle rotation command is designated (with chuck open)"

I found a post in this forum that had the same alarm problem, which was fixed simply by putting something into the clamp. I tried that, and the alarm is still. I'm guessing I gotta change something in the parameters, but honestly no idea. All I know is that when I want to turn on the spindle with MDI using command m4 s###, or when my program reaches a line that contains m4 or 3, this alarm pops up.

If anyone can help, I will be eternally grateful.
Did you adjust the limit switches on the chuck to tell it when its clamped and unclamped? Did you also ensure its in OD or ID clamping mode depending on what you are clamping?
I figured out that the clamp sensors/limit switches were set where the part needed to be clamped towards the end of the clamp travel distance. I was clamping a part that was too large for the jaws or the jaws should be adjusted wider. If that makes sense.

I can adjust the clamp sensors, but it's better to leave the factory settings and just adjust the jaws. I found a large set of custom jaws in a toolbox that the previous guy left behind, which shows he switched out the jaws and didn't adjust the sensors