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Okuma LNC8C Questions


Cast Iron
Jan 13, 2013
I am looking at a Okuma LNC8C with OSP5020L controller. The lathe has sat for approx 1 year unplugged. Lathe appears to be in great condition, clean and complete with 12ft bar feeder. It was very well maintained and has all the manuals for it.

Being that it sat for a year what are the issues I will run into. There is no power at its current location.

What are pros and cons to this machine?
I ran one back in the mid 90's. Very nice machine to run.
Rust is the main issue I'd look out for, no power for a year means potentially loss of all parameters so check availability of those before you buy.
Bought one new that I still run to this day. You should find out if it has Bubble memory or CMOS memory. And as another poster said the parameters might be gone if the battery went dead. Make sure that the machine software and parameter disk's (3.5" floppy) are with the machine. You will need them to reload the software/parameters if required.

Mine has been a great machine. Minimal problems.