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Okuma MC-40VB Failing Limit Switch? OSP 7000M Alarm 1217 Travel Limit Over


Dec 8, 2023
Greetings All,

Does anyone have guidance identifying which limit switch is triggering a Travel Limit Over alarm on an OSP 7000M control? The machine is pretty much dead center and as far away from physically hitting the limit switches as possible, and the limit light on the control is not lit up, but when it boots I get an alarm 1217 that can't be cleared. Other than the alarm at the top of the control, I don't have anything to go on; the diagnostic screen doesn't have any messages and the alarm message doesn't state which axis is responsible. The overtravel override switch works and lets me jog things around. I looked in the alarm manual and it says 'fine out which limit switch is activated on the check panel' - any insight into where this might be found?

I suspect a failing limit switch at this point.

Solved this one. The XT2 terminal strip in the back control box (the one that the main power switch is in) has the feeds for all the limit switches and could check each one for continuity. These are normally closed (NC) type limit switches so it was pretty easy to identify a bad Y limit switch once I knew where to look. When I pulled the cover and removed the switch I found that the wire had corroded at the contact. Trimming the wire back and soldering on new connectors ensured a good connection going forward.

Hope this helps somebody!