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Okuma MX-45VAE Height with spindle down??


Sep 24, 2007
Charleston, SC
I need to add a VMC to my tool collection and an Okuma MX-45VAE is for sale near me. The factory specs say 106" tall but I need to get it through an opening 8ft tall. It will reside in a room 109" floor to ceiling. If someone has one of these, can they tell me if it will shrink to 8ft with the spindle down? Very much appreciated!

Found the answer if interested. The MX-45VAE will fit through an 8ft tall opening if you take off the motor that controls Z and drop the spindle all the way down. The frame of the machine will be about 94". My ceiling is 109". According to the Okuma manual, the total operational height is 104.33" tall. I looked at and measured a few machines, all MX-45VAE. This number is correct for only some of the Okuma's. There is a 5" tall electrical junction box at the very back of the spindle housing that follows the Z axis. On half of the units, this box is up above the spindle (making it like 109.33") The other MX-45VAE machines have this box facing down and doesn't increase the height of the machine. Just an FYI.
Hello, Matt,
This is very useful information for me. I am interested in this machine. I have a problem with the height of the gate to my workshop. I wonder what the minimum height would be if I removed the covers and the z-axis motor?
Are you satisfied with the machine? How is the rigidity? Are there tapping cycles (G74, G84)?