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Okuma OSP5000L Hour Meter

charlie gary

Oct 4, 2009
near Seattle, Washington, USA
We've got an old LB-10, from 1984. It's got the OSP5000L control. Can someone tell me which buttons to push to see the hour meter? Books for a 36-year-old machine are hard to find in this building. Thanks for any clues you can provide.
Isn't the hour meter a physical unit? At least on OKUMA MC-4VA with OSP-5000M (year 1985) there is two hour meters- one for total hours of connection to mains and second counter is for machining hours.
Not sure about on a lathe, but I am in the same boat as GuntisK, with the hour meters being physical counters on the side of the electrical cabinet.

This is on a mill with OSP5000M-G, but I would imagine a lathe with the same era control would be the same.
If this machine has a mechanical/physical hour meter on it, the factory went above and beyond in hiding it. I assumed it had one like that until I looked all over the outside and inside. I'll look again, but this one has me stumped.