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Okuma Soarer L270

Andrew M

Mar 27, 2022
Perth, Western Australia
There is one for sale local to me. It's a 1999 machine. Still powered up so I could see it running. Never run an Okuma lathe before, only a Doosan Lynx with a Fanuc controller, and then not for that long. Are they easy enough to operate? Sturdy and reliable? I'm totally fine on manual lathes, but not that experienced on cnc lathes. Looking at it for my home-based workshop I'm starting up. I'm not under the pump to get it running and making bucks, I would use it to learn on and get comfortable on a cnc lathe again. I never programmed the Doosan at the console, always on CADCAM ( Featurecam ). Can you load a program into the Okuma Soarer through a USB? Does it need a DNC interface thing? I'm on Fusion 360 now and I hear the turning programming isn't that great, so it might be easier to program at the console? If the Okuma console programming is good / easy to use?

There's a similar vintage LB15 with chip conveyor for the same price local to me as well. Is the LB the next frame size up from the Soarer?


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Looks nearly identical to my '00 ES-L8. Same control and everything.
Programming is very similar to Fanuc. Threading, drilling and tapping codes are different but the format is similar.

I've always programmed at the machine and it's not too bad. Mine loads from a 3.5 floppy.

I bought it brand new and all it ever needed was a new battery every 10yrs. I've been happy with it.