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Okuma User Task better Fanuc Custom Macro B, No Way


May 15, 2008
North Dakota
I'm sorry there's no way I will ever drink the user task Kool-Aid. Fanuc Custom Macro B is used by most Machine Tool Manufactures. Why would anyone want to be stuck will a format used by just one? I don't understand why Okuma sticks with it. They lost machine tools sales where I work just because of it. Just my 2 cents.
It's like asking the car guy, which is best. The "Ford" guy says one thing, the "Chevy" guy something else, and the "Dodge" guy yet again.
Having programmed both I don't have an issue with User Task 1/2 at all. Haven't tried 3 yet, and it's fairly new.
I've used both, same amount of power, a little different syntax. Consider yourself lucky, you could be doing macro on a Dynapath, woof, woof..