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Old-School Hardware Stores and Industrial Suppliers

calvin b

Hot Rolled
Nov 29, 2007
E-burg MD USA
I lived in Hagerstown Maryland in the early 80's and Foltz Mfg. and Supply was amazing. The machine shop behind the store front still had machines running on leather belts from an electric motor in the corner of the shop. Their newest machine seemed to be a round arm Bridgeport. Your order was placed at at counter with stools, but you were usually welcome to look around for things you couldn't live without. I needed some dam babbitt and it was supplied from a wooden barrel on the 3rd floor accessed by a creaky elevator, sold by the pound and supplied in a brown paper bag.
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I just bought a set of starrett calipers from Foltz's.. Still family own ( 4th gen I think). Great place with good service. Calvin B