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Old school Okuma


Sep 23, 2022
Can someone explain how to read okuma code with no decimals? I’m struggling a tad.
Im guessing youre dealing with an old 2200 or 3000 control (on the 3000 I know decimal was an option)? Or is it even older than that?

I am not familiar with the 2200 or older, but ran a 3000L without the decimal option for a lot of years. The way it handled numbers was it treated every number as it was starting at the ten thousandth decimal place (.000x). So in the case of .0001" you could tell the control that in the following ways:

If you were going to tell it 1.0000" you would write it as:

10.5234 would be

0.1" would be

Basically it counted places, starting with one ten thou as the first digit, and one being the 5th digit.
If youre unsure based on how I explained it above (not sure I worded it very well), take your number and write it - with the decimal and all including all leading and trailing zeros... then delete the decimal and you can run it that way, or delete the decimal and all the LEADING zeros, but do NOT delete the trailing zeros. The key is that its calculating the location of the decimal point starting at the 4th decimal digit and working to the "left".

In the lathe, it applies to all numbers, F X,Z, I,K - so I would assume on a mill, it would also apply to Y and J... what happens with degrees etc, I cant say as my lathe didnt have the orient function.

In terms of time... I dont remember for certain, but in the case of using a dwell (G4 Fxxxx) I **THINK** that the time is milliseconds leaving you at F1000 would be 1 second.

Havent run the machine for a few years now... Hope that helps.

Decimal point logic was optional on OSP3000 until around 1981 or so when they decided to make it standard. Not sure if it was available on OSP2200 and older.
Wade‘s post is correct. But my strongest suggestion would be to find a decimal point exec tape and add that.