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Older makino controls

Sep 19, 2023
I’m stuck on how to manually change tools on my older makino vmc can’t do a regular mdi tool change. I’m back at this after spending 10 years on the floor behind a grinder fitting injection molds. Not unfamiliar with fanuc controllers, My makino guru isn’t sure either. He wasn’t even sure why it was going to a macro for a simple m6 tool change. Just would rather keep a name brand machine around instead of the old vibrafree if I can get her behaving. Thanks allIMG_8007.jpegIMG_8022.png


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Do you have a manual that elaborates on what M621 is?

I have an m-code list for a professional 3 control, and all it says is:

②M code for ATC (V55)

②Used in the automatic tool change subprogram.

I am assuming the machine doesn't have a ladder.

I would be looking at the diagnostics on the custom side and manual and try to see what signal isn't satisfied. Are you trying it with any doors open? Could be an interlock issue.

Is there any warning or alarm on the custom screen? On a pro 3, there's a yellow warning box-type display that generally tells you when theres any interlock at play.

Edit: Are there any tool life or tool breakage alarms on the custom side tool data page? IDK if your machine would be equipped with any of that.
Many, if not most, machine tools utilize a macro to do a tool change.
The "M06" triggers off the macro which may or may not include a bunch of commands.

If you're manually changing tools, there "should" be a tool release button somewhere.
Otherwise, a TxM06 will do the job, no?
Don’t know how to reply to everyone. I was using a t#m6 in mdi tried using m6t# too might be a broken wire or a sticky limit switch somewhere. Regardless of the fact I’m sure I could have solved it. This machine is now available for auction