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Older mazak cassette programming


Mar 21, 2021
Hello Men,

I’m reaching out to you all today to see if there is anyone that can shed some light on converting a .step, .stl, cam file to a cassette programmer for an older mazak mill. If you have any information on this topic it would be greatly appreciated!

~Thanks so much, Derick
If your just looking for a way to covert g-code files to cassette then I would suggest ditching the cassette and going with something like Mazview and a USB-serieal connection. Ive been using this on a real old Mazak lathe and it works pretty good. Machine would be pretty much worthless to me without it.

You mention going from a Step file to cassette?? Is this your first CNC? Theres a lot more steps in between the step file and the cassette lol