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Ongoing unrest in Russia

"religion is the opiate of the masses"
The guy that said this might have been a little off kilter but it remains as truth.
I am Catholic, wear the rosary beads with pride and pray them in times of stress.
Yet there has been many things in history that my Church has not done well. (to say the least)
The "Samson option". People taking shit out of their ass. This would be the end of Israel as a nation.
This not acceptable to the world.
Those who were once allies can for sure become the enemy. History lessons.
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Washington Post----"A senior Ukrainian military officer with deep ties to the country’s intelligence services played a central role in the bombing of the Nord Stream

Did WAPO clear that with Mr. Hersh?
At last check, he was already polishing his shoes for his acceptance speech of the 2nd Pulitzer Prize.
What happened to the CIA blowing up them lines?
Latest rumor is putin had a major heart attack October 22 and died October 25 or 26. He died at his mansion in the private forest between moscow and st petersburg. His body double is showing up until they decide when to announce his death.
The other theory is it is not true and putin is trying to find out who is loyal to his memory and who will try to take over.
Take your pick.
Reminds me of the movie Dave.
Bill D.
He is probably living on the moon with Elvis watching Micheal Jackson moon walking. Protected by Jewish space lasers made from aircraft grade aluminum. Living in houses made from billet aluminum. Where do you think all those recycled aluminum cans really go.
Bill D
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I do know that Jimmy Hoffa really disappeared, His uncle Steve told me that
Zelenskyy likely has enogh war bucks to retire at that South American Villa.
He and Putin out catching bass, using gold sinkers
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Must be something in the water over the pond... You got McCartney, Jagger & Rod Stewart still running like they stole something? Color me really impressed!

Good luck, Matt
You've got Biden he seems pretty switched on and lively for a geriatric :stirthepot:
There is a movie out.. Ihave not seen it, nor where it is to be seen
[a snip from the interweb]

The Maidan Massacre: The Road to War in Ukraine
This is the story behind Maidan and the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Estimated casualties of 14,400 military and civilian deaths during the war in Donbas (2014–2022) is what precipitated the Russian invasion. Most of these deaths were ethnic Russian Ukrainian citizens. Effectively, it was an ethnic cleansing on the part of the Ukrainian government, yet the west fails to care or even acknowledge it ever happened.

{may be worth looking into for alternate perspective, maybe not]