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Orienting live tool spindle to main spindle on lathe with Fanuc 0T


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Dec 16, 2011
I have a Wasino SH-5. It's a lathe with live tools where one of the turret positions has a small sub-spindle chuck. The live tools and sub-spindle are all driven by the same motor. When rotating the live tools, the sub spins at the same time. It's a weird configuration, I know.

I am picking off a hex part, and I would like to rotate the orientation of where the sub picks off the part by about 30 degrees. Right now, it clamps on the part in the same place every time, so I imagine there is a parameter that I can change to affect the orientation relative to the main spindle.

Here's a photo of the machine in case I didn't explain the configuration well. There are no live tools mounted at the moment.

I have never fully implemented this, but on my 18T there is a secondary M code for sub "orient (at speed)" (in addition to speed synch) but if you are always crashing out the same every time, then maybe your does that automagically.

When I started out on that (90's) After broaching a new hex on a cpl of parts - not knowing my way around the control at the time - I just opted to turn the OD a bit and use round sub collets. Next lathe had C on the sub, so I just picked them off dead and not worry about it...

I don't know my way around the 0 control, but on the 16/18 I would expect this to be a parameter in the 4077 area - fore or aft. IDK if the 0 has those or not?

Also, when I have wanted to make adjustments in that area, I just had to change something and see if it affects what I am looking for. If not - change it back and go on to the next one.


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Hi Ox. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look at the parameters in that area. You're braver than I am to just be changing parameters without knowing for sure what they do.

I am turning the hex and grabbing on the points with round, bored chuck jaws. I'm only grabbing on 3 points, though, as the other three fall between the jaws. I'd like to tweak it a little so that I'm holding on 6 points. Right now, the part will move sometimes as it cuts off, and then I get a part that wobbles in the sub. I think holding on 6 points will give it more stability.
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