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OSP7000L - chuck clamp delay/auto door issues


Oct 23, 2017
Hi Guys,

A couple of years ago I bought an old LU15 lathe, I'm fianally getting it setup to use.

I'm having a couple of strange little issues.
I'm sure they're really simple things to fix - but I can't work it out!
I've done a bit of a search but can't really find what I'm looking for.

Issues are as follows:

1) There appears to be some sort of a delay/dwell set for the chuck when clamping.
Hit the pedal, chuck opens straight away, as you would expect.
Hit the pedal to close, there is an approx. 4 second delay.

The issue remains when using ID clamp also (delay on clamp, even though direction has changed).
So I'm inclined to think it is an programmed/controller thing rather than a physical fault/sensor issue.
For what its worth, the issue remains whether using foot pedal or M83/M84.

2) The machine has an auto door, it works fine with the buttons on the controller, it works fine when using M90/M91 in MDI mode, but when trying to use M90 (door close) at the begining of a program I just get a door open alarm.
I can still use M91 (door open) at the end of the program with no issues.

Any suggestions you guys might have are much appreciated!