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OT: Appliance parts scams?

I have a Speed Queen...never again will I buy a consumer grade machine. It's well built and hauls ass....a load is 20 minutes, or 30 if you select the heavy soil option.

Maytag also makes a good commercial grade machine and is a little cheaper.

The hard part, for me, is accepting a washing machine that doesn't sense my laundry's needs an automatically adjust itself based on what someone thinks is best for the environment. It also doesn't sense my feelings, heart rate, or know how many steps I've taken in a given day. It also only comes in one color - white - which is the color of the oppressors.

And you guys say EG turns everything political... We're talking about WASHING MACHINES here.
And beware, DEBIT cards are NOT credit cards. They are like writing a check or handing the other party cash. They are instantly funded from YOUR bank account and do not function with the same consumer protection rules as credit cards. Always use a credit card for internet purchases. And for as many other purchases as possible. I get back at least $400 or $500 each and every year in points on my credit cards - which I always convert to $$$$$.
This is incorrect. Any debit card with a visa logo has the same consumer protections as a visa credit card.