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OT. Battery charger schematic.


Jul 20, 2005
Eastern PA
I want to revive these Marquette battery chargers. Both look to be from the 50's or 60's. A schematic would be helpful. Any one have a lead on paper work. The R2D2 looking round guy is a model 215 and the square guy a 322.........Bob


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I remember using the square one in the late 60's but I don't think I've ever seen the round one.The round guy must be older it has selenium rectifiers the square one has diodes............I'm guessing i'll be out of luck on any paper work....................Bob
Most battery chargers of this vintage are pretty much all the same. The 120V goes to the transformer primary first. To select the voltage (6V or 12V) and current, some have a switch on the primary and some on the secondary to select the appropriate set of windings. Then on to the rectifier which is probably selenium but may be silicon. Usually it is only half wave rectified. After that on to the battery.

Here is a schematic for a Marquette 32-140 charger. And no I don't own any Marquette chargers but am going off memory of other old battery chargers. How close the schematic is to the chargers you have, who knows but it is probably similar.

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Thanks for that. It explains a lot. I actually got both working but it was mostly by finding broken wires, a bad switch and an intermittent relay in the 322. I'd like to find a schematic for one or both I so understand what I was actually doing. Thanks again for taking the time..........Bob