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OT, can I convert my gas fired free standing fireplace to a manual control?


Cast Iron
Sep 24, 2006
I gave a gas fired free standing fireplace with a remote control that has failed for the second time. My luck the serial number on the stove is 000004, this is a Jotul brand of stove. The remote control brains for the stove is $600.00 and I don't want to spend that kind of money on something that has failed twice now in 8 years. I am looking at a safety pilot kit for a fireplace gas log. This has a standing pilot and a on off control valve and a thermal couple incase I loose the pilot. There should be no problem in connecting the gas line from the controller to the burner in the stove. The stove has a circulating fan and I would most likely control this with a thermal switch to turn the fan on once the heat is up on the stove. Any thoughts good or bad? Has anyone done this?
I haven't done exactly that, but I converted a wood-burner to a manual gas log years ago. Much the same thing you're considering except I had to also run a 4" double-wall flue inside the 8" single wall to control corrosion and condensation. I see no reason why it won't work just fine.
I would run a thermostat not just on/off. As long as the valve is enough BTU's for the burner no problem. You may want to add a throttle valve downstream to control flame height. The valve will have a throttle inside but it may be hard to adjust after installing.
Do you have drip leg going into the valve?
Bill D
Today's gas grills and water heaters don't have a constant pilot light, but use a pizeoelectric igniter; pretty simple to pull the guts out of a rusted-out gas grill or leaking water heater to see how it works, but might as well buy new.

FWIW, back in the bad old days, many homes were heated with free-standing gas space heaters. They had a simple brass petcock for on-off-level and were ignited by a kitchen match. Mostly didn't kill families; today, you'd want positive venting.

jack vines
I have no problem changing ignitors and whatnot on gas appliances, but changing a whole control system....risks abound....
10 second google search seems not to show an abundance of actual stove electronics failures, so maybe yours being so early is unique, but I think I would be sure it was actually an expensive repair and not the parts changer tech costing a lot before getting into that
You could use a 24 or 120 volt valve and control it with any type of remote for 120 volts into the valve or transformer. Not sure about the pilot lite feature.
Now is the time of year to get remote control outlets for holiday lights and repurpose them for stuff like this. Attic lights and crawl space lights of clear strings of bulbs are easy to install.
I assume your gas supplier will come out and adjust the flame for air balance and best combustion for free once the plumbing is done.
Bill D