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OT: Diabetes awareness, what would you do?


Nov 23, 2003
Beaumont, TX, USA
Been fighting diabetes for over 20 years. Just started on Ozempic last week. My doctor had to stop my use of Metformin, which was doing a good job controlling it at low cost, due to liver issues. That Ozempic pen with 6 to 8 doses costs more, ounce for ounce, than pure gold.

As for that store situation, yes, as Ann Landers used to say, MYOB. I find it is hard enough to talk to family members about things like this, much less strangers. I am sure that person has seen warnings about sugar. Just like smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking and still choose to ignore them. Nothing you say is going to change him.

I did have yearly checkups, starting in my 40s. At some point there, my doctor started me on a Rx for cholesterol. The Rx list has only grown over the years. I know that many here work either on their own or in small shops with no or limited health insurance. Still my general advise to all is to, at the very least, get an annual check-up. It can only save you a lot of grief and, in some cases, save your life. And even if you have to pay full tilt for those doctor visits, it will be cheaper in the long run. Just my suggestion so, enough said.

I'm from New Orleans and coffee is like mother's milk to me. Probably had my first cup before my teen years. If you need all that sugar and sugar filled products in your coffee, you really need a better coffee. I am only allowed two cups a day: doctor's orders. I use good coffee so I can enjoy them. My coffee shelf has two brands: French Market and Community. Both are New Orleans brands that are made to produce a strong cup of coffee, which I like. But it is not bitter. I use a sugar free creamer and Sweet and Low or Splenda, so no sugar at all. And I do enjoy those two cups each day. Sometimes only one.

I've been diabetic for decades, I'm not newly aware.
What would I do in that case in the store? I'd mind my own fucking business.