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OT Does this roofing conpany sound like a scam?

Just an FYI, I have used Google earth to do some lay out stuff. And checked the dimensions with a surveyors wheel on the ground. Good enough to estimate a roof if you know the pitch. And a lot of other stuff.
I used to have a very accurately calibrated pace some years ago. Old age and Arthur-Itus have compromised it a bit.
My mother's insurance company told her they would not renew her insurance because there were large tree branches hanging overhead. Fair enough. I had cut some of them back last year, but some were inaccessible without some sort of crane. These were trees that were too close to the house since it was built in 1975...my father always refused to cut down any tree...I think he had his full of that 'only God can make a tree' bullshit. But he's gone now, so I told her to have a tree crew come out and cut the entire tree(s) down. Not only did her insurance get renewed the house looks better too.
The interweb kids probably don't do this but I'll bet a planimeter on a tablet would work great. You can get them pretty cheap on ebay. And they are a cool gadget.