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OT: Property Damage question... How long should it take to get information or even a police report.


Feb 8, 2005
Hatch, NM Chile capital of the WORLD
So I'm sitting here at 5 in the morning a few weeks ago, and I hear a lot of bad noises..
Explosions, and things hitting the building, and rumbling noises.. I swear it lasted
for about 30 seconds, but it was only 5 or 6.... And after all the explosions and roaring
stopped, things were still raining down on the building..

Scared the shit out of me. Scared the shit out of my dog... I went out the side to
see if my tree had fell on the building (Yes singular Tree, I'm in New Mexico, its
a big deal that I even have *A* tree).. No that's too far away.. Went out back, nothing,
went upstairs to see if the hot water heater had exploded. Came back down and heard
voices. Went out front and saw this.


Guy right across the street is a fire/EMT dude.. He was already there.. The drunk kid driving had
already called 911, and the EMT dude took his phone and was giving 911 accurate information.. The
kid was freaking out, I'm trying to keep him calm, he says his back hurts... Blah Blah Blah.. I was concerned
at the time.. We got him out of the truck, I went inside and put on pants and brushed my teeth, and let the
dog out into the yard to pee.

Thankfully the EMT dude from across the street was there first, I don't deal with things like that well.

Once the cop showed up, and the Ambulance got here. I started looking around.. And saw this.. But
in the dark.



And then I realized that I had let my dog out into the yard that now was missing 210 feet of fence.

At least the kid was kind enough to not take out my mailbox.. He went OVER it.

Talked to the cop for a bit.. Kids really drunk, refused a breathalyzer.. Calling the judge to
get a warrant for a blood draw. Told me to call the station on Monday to get the information I needed.

That was 17 days ago.. I still can't get any information.. NONE.. Every time I call the secretary asks
me if I have a case #, and I keep explaining to her that I DO NOT, because nobody will give me
ANY fucking information. She can't "Find" the police report with the information I need, and the
officer works 3rd shift and she will leave him a message.. I brought them a quote 2 weeks ago to
fix my fence.. $7000.

So, I can't be the first person to have this happen.. Its not much different than a car accident..

How long should it take me to get INFORMATION?

How long should it take to get a police report, and I heard it can take 10 days, because there is
a lot that goes in there.. But here we are at 17 days.. And I don't need a complete police report,
I just need INFORMATION...

So.. Tomorrow will be 18 days.. The secretary said she will e-mail the officer.. If I can't get information
tomorrow, I'm going to explode... This entire past 4 weeks has just been piles of shit on top of piles of
shit, and this was just one piece of shit on the pile, and now its piling on more shit, and I'm getting
really really mad...

So I guess the actual question is.. How long should it take to get INFORMATION???? A "police
report".. Whatever, I don't need that.. I need INFORMATION!!!! And I'm getting stone walled.

And question #2.. If I can't get information tomorrow, what do I do? Talk to the mayor, he
owns the grocery store down the street, he's easy to find, he's the skinniest guy in town..
Call the state police? DA??

This just doesn't seem right to me.
A kid took out my fence. He left his front bumper and some other bits a took off. The state police came out that morning, took pictures, and did the write up. Took a few days to find the car. I got the kid's insurance information in a week or so.

A kid took out my fence. He left his front bumper and some other bits a took off. The state police came out that morning, took pictures, and did the write up. Took a few days to find the car. I got the kid's insurance information in a week or so.


And the kid had driven off.. And you had all that within a week.

This police officer had ALL THE INFORMATION I NEED right now, 17 days ago, while he was standing in front of my building.. And I can NOT get of any of that information.. Nobody will give me anything. Nothing. Not a name, not a case #.. Nothing.

This shouldn't be this hard or aggravating.. I should have already had a check in my hand.. Bullshit... Absolute pure bullshit.

I am so pissed off...
Actually,kid being DUI is generally bad news....cause if kid has any insurance ,they wont pay out ..........I had a similar,but no DUI,...........truck changed lanes onto a car inside him,car swerved to avoid truck,and went thru my front fence on the roof .............car was a junker ,worth $200 scrap before the crash ,same after..........anyhoo,I tried to seize the car ...but the cops ordered me to give it to a towie ,who did more damage to my front and took it away...........truck was company owned,they promised to fix my fence ........then forgot.........its a civil matter .
How long it takes is up to the local PD, keep pushing them. As far as payment, that will be up to his, our your insurance company. If he does not have insurance, or his company refuses to pay, you will have to have the repairs done on your dime. If the court tells you the kid has to pay restitution, don't hold your breath on getting paid.
Sounds like the kid might be from a connected family and is being protected, eh? Try calling the office of your state representative or whatever it's called in NM, they profess to be helpful in problems with state agencies, getting them to respond when a citizen can't.
insurance policies usually are voided by a DUI.........which is why if someone rear ends you and no injury,its best to ignore the drivers intoxication ,and instead collect an insurance payout.
Call your insurance company. They will get money from kid or his insurance if he has it. You do not need police report unless you are the one trying to collect from kid. Your insurance will get all they need. They have people who do this everyday- we move metal, they move paper.
As a retired LEO, our reports were usually available 48-72 hours after the incident. Our online search feature allowed you to look up the report by case number or location. I would just go to the PD and have the records clerk look up the call and then get the case number from that. Does this police dept have a website?
I think it varies by how on the ball your local PD is, but when we had a break-in resulting in some damages and stolen goods (thankfully recovered that night), the officers on the scene gave us the case number right there. We saw it anyway while we filled out a statement. Now a year later we haven't seen any reparations for the damages, and I doubt we will (make an insurance case and rates go up, and I doubt the crackhead that did the deed is going to have the money or conscience to take care of it), but a couple months after the incident we were contacted by a court attorney informing us how the prosecution was proceeding and taking our... advise? opinion? on what should happen to the guy.

Again, I think it just boils down to your local government. It's that annoying balance between big and small government, good-ol'-boy politics and "the system"s bureaucracy.

Dealing with stuff like this is one of those things that realistically could be taught in Home Economics, but it sucks that it should.
The 2 or 3 times I have had to deal with anything that would need a case number the officer gave me a business sized card with their name on it and the case number that they would use right there on scene. They had it ready in a few days. Until now I figured getting a case number at the time of the incident was the norm.
Chances are even if you knew who the guy was it will still take a lawyer to get you any money out of him. You could hire one now who can begin by getting your PD to turn over the info, or as someone already mentioned get your insurance to do all the work of chasing this down. (though I understand reluctance to get your ins involved too and likely get your rates up)

Or fix the fence and move forward, and hopefully you get lucky and get the bill paid later. It's a bummer, and I hope it works out for you.

And to answer your question you should have been given a report number on the spot in my experience.
My fences are insured along with other structures.........however if I claimed for $7000 for repair to a fence,I can guarantee my premium would rise by $10,000 at next renewal........You are in a high risk area.....for fences!
$7000 for 210 feet of fence? Whew, I'm in the wrong business.

Sorry this happened to you Bob, that would definitely be terrifying early in the morning.

Stupid question but did the officer give you his business card? Can you get his contact info from the P.D. and call, text or email him early one morning?

Possibly even call dispatch early in the morning - every morning - and request they have him call you when he's not busy? I have always found that persistence pays off.

Hopefully things get easier on you soon. These things always seem to come in waves.
I never got a penny for the damage to my fence...........the truck company rep promised to pay me ......soon as he was back to the office ,its......have to see if the boss OKs it.....then its ....we fired the driver,end of story .......personally i thought the truck driver was stupid........he made admissions to the cops ,he should have shut up and said his back hurts..............the car was old , and the driver legged it.......so I assume he had neither licence or insurance.
If this happened in the USA you would probably be sued because your mailbox did not break away when struck by the vehicle. It would have cost you so much money and time it would taken you years to recover from the financial loss. The kid would have got a new replacement vehicle and a huge cash award and when he drove by your place would toot and wave to ya.

Count yourself lucky