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OT: Property Damage question... How long should it take to get information or even a police report.

$7000 for 210 feet of fence? Whew, I'm in the wrong business.

That's kind of what I thought, I've known the guy for years, met him at the bar..
He did the fencing at my house, twice (added more), and done some fixing for me
here at the shop. The stuff at my house, he did cheaper than I could have bought
the material for, and he cemented in all the poles.

A lot of the cost is that its 9gage fence, not the spindly stuff you use at home, I couldn't
cut it with aviation snips, I had to use bolt cutters. The poles are bigger than the ones
you have in your backyard, and they have gone WAY up in price.. Plus pulling out all
the old poles and all the old concrete, plus bringing me out and installing a temporary
fence on a Saturday. Probably a little high.. Its just a quote, not an invoice yet.

This is just so frustrating.
insurance policies usually are voided by a DUI.........which is why if someone rear ends you and no injury,its best to ignore the drivers intoxication ,and instead collect an insurance payout.
Not in any of the 4 US states I've lived in. Depending on the policy they might not cover the kid's car, but the liability portion still has to cover damaged stuff belonging to everyone else.
If this happened in the USA you would probably be sued because your mailbox did not break away when struck by the vehicle. It would have cost you so much money and time it would taken you years to recover from the financial loss. The kid would have got a new replacement vehicle and a huge cash award and when he drove by your place would toot and wave to ya.

Count yourself lucky
This is in the USA, unless Texas is planning to take New Mexico with them when they secede.

Honestly, I'd have started getting annoyed about the time 48 hours passed. Last time I needed a police report (well after the fact though) I called in and got the needed information while I waited on the phone.
Understaffed department?
Connected kid? I've definitely seen my share of shifty stuff when involving the families of local PD or a local politician, much confirmed by the LEO who lived next door to me at the time.
Miserable as it is, I'd call during the shift the officer works on.

Oh, one more thing, try to get it put on the kid's insurance. At some point my wife got bumped into by someone at a stop sign. She decided to have our agent take care of it and then get the money back from the other party's insurance. Catch is, that meant it was a claim against OUR insurance for them to handle it, even though they were able to get the money back from the other party's insurance.

<snip> the mayor, he owns the grocery store <snip> he's the skinniest guy in town.<snip>
Now I'm worried about what he knows about the local groceries. Shouldn't be be the best fed guy in town?
The guys I sold out to had a "battering ram" attack on the yard,stealing $100k of cats .....anyhoo,the front gates I made of 2" ammonia tube ended up in the middle of the road,posts torn out of the ground......but the gate undamaged .......I made the gate 50 years ago when I bought the place ,better welder then than now,and it made me kinda proud that the gates survived when his fancy posts simply tore apart.........he should have left my rusty posts ,and just straightened them up.
This is in the USA, unless Texas is planning to take New Mexico with them when they secede.

When I moved to New Mexico, you have no idea how many people asked me if I had to get a passport.

New Mexico... Its not NEW, and Its NOT MEXICO!!!!!!!!

Understaffed Department

Its Hatch dude... Its 2 square miles, population just over 1500... No other towns, villages or cities within 30 miles.. Its just county out there.. 6 officers and a chief. One on duty at a time 12 hour shifts. Sometimes there will be an officer on duty at the station during the day.. There is a secretary there, she is nice, and usually answers the phone. They have a beautiful station, its 5 times the size of the one from my home town that has a population of 16,000.

The village is so small, that on a satellite view that shows the ENTIRE village on my screen.. I can see my tree.. My one tree, I used to have 2 trees, but one of them fell over in a nasty wind storm.

Connected kid?
That's kind of what I'm thinking right now.. He wanted his phone back so he could call his Daddy.. His parents got here quick from an hour away, but they had already taken the kid in the ambulance.

And honestly, I don't care, but if they are trying to hide it, if they were smart, somebody would have shown up at my door by now with some money, and that hasn't happened.

Oh, one more thing, try to get it put on the kid's insurance.
Yeah... Insurance goes up without a claim.. Imagine if I started trying to claim stuff.. They'd get it all back from me next year.
Now I'm worried about what he knows about the local groceries. Shouldn't be be the best fed guy in town?

He's a nice guy.. His name is Slim.. He's one of those unnaturally skinny people, and he's tall.. He usually has on boots, and diameter of the boot around his ankle is about the same size diameter as his thigh. He is one skinny dude.
My experience in the past with similar matters, was 3 days or less.
Usually, I would call the prosecuting attorney's office, and they would give me a copy of the police report, the time, day, etc.
Then, my insurance company would take it from there.
They don't want to pay, so they try to get something from the other person's insurance or them.
Well.. I FINALLY got a police report..

Information I have that I didn't.. A name and a case #.. The EXACT information that they were asking me for to be able to find the police report..

Stinky thing #1.. I was told my fence quote would be IN THE POLICE REPORT.. its not..

Stinky thing #2.. I was told that the police report, and my quote would be sent to the insurance
company.. "Insurance: unknown"... Not "No Insurance" because that would be another charge.
so I don't even know where to go.

Stinky thing #3.. Court things out here, regardless of the jurisdiction show up on the court website
really quick.. 2-3 days tops for civil stuff.. hours for criminal... Even though the police report
said the kid was CHARGED with DUI 19 days ago.. I can't find a fricken thing. Zero.. I can't find any
reference to the case #, or his name, at all.. (except for a wreckless driving charge 3 months ago).

Stinky thing #4.. The judge contacted that morning (which was supposed to be to get a warrant
for a blood draw, which the report says nothing about). ISN'T EVEN A JUDGE YET!!!! Voted
for in the primary.. The only candidate running in the "election" that will happen in 12 days or so..
NOT A JUDGE!!!!!!!!!! Yet referred to as a Judge.. I wonder if he knows he was contacted??

This is WAY the fuck over my head.. Lawyer time in the morning... I won't say she is "My" lawyer, but she's my lawyer.. I think she will enjoy this, right up her alley.
Lawyer time sounds right. I used to do some work for my insurance agent, and it often left me in her office when she was making calls. Turns out one of the other insurance companies in Texas (which doesn’t exist in most other states, go figure) makes all of their money by simply denying all claims and ignoring nearly all incoming requests.
They ignore civilians, but apparently when a licensed agent writes them, let’s them know which laws they are violating by doing this, and at what time her official complaint will be going to the state insurance board, they respond favorably, and very quickly. Oh, and she really enjoys sticking it to people that make her profession look bad.
Better lawyer up. There may be a time limit for some of this.
Also, the drunk driver may have some contacts in certain places.
The quicker you act, they can maybe stop some of the crap.
Good luck to you man.
Let us know how it turns out.
I know your feeling about fighting the stupid DUI bullshit in NM. I had a guy hit my parked cars in my driveway at 430 PM on a tuesday. Turns out it was his 5th DUI and only still in jail due to some charges the DA was unable to tell me about about the federal charges for some reason. But at least mine is still in jail due to federal charges. I was able to get his insurance to pay for all damages.

I wonder if the Police could look up the insurance registered to the truck.
frickin a....ya sounds like its time to play the game every other a'hole in this country pulls and stick the agressive lawyer on his arse
Comments on this Problem:

(1) Police reports are supposed to be public information. Unfortunately, a lot of police are complete assholes who try to keep crime secret from the town. Sounds like you have the second kind of police.

(2) The simplest way to get the info you need, which is the identity of the motorist, is to call the DAs office. Ask the DA to tell the police to give you the unredacted police report. If the police get this instruction from the DAs office, they will give you the report.

(3) If the DA is uncooperative as well (unlikely), go in front of a judge. Here, I would be going in front of a superior court judge, but in your jurisdiction it might be a different judge. Read the rules of the court to find out. If you are not good at reading, you can talk to the clerk of the local district court and they will tell you were to go or what judge/court handles that kind of matter, superior court, administrative court or whatever. In Boston, you can actually mail the court. You just mail your plea in, they mail out the order, no need to even go there. You need to construct your plea right, so either go to a law library to find out how to make a plea for a court order, or ask the clerk in the court to help you find somebody else's plea that you can copy. At the end of the plea will be your petition (what you want). That will be a statement to the effect of "The plaintiff asks that the court order Captain So-And-So, of the XYZ Police Department, located at 1234 Main Street in the Town of Shitville, TX 00911, to provide a copy of the police report for the incident of a motorist crashing his vehicle on May 10, 2022, on Oak Street at approximately 4:23am to the plaintiff, Mr. I-M-Madd, of 99 Oak Street, Shitville, TX 00911." Do not make any judgemental statements in your plea. Like, do not write "drunk driver" or anything like that anywhere in the plea.

(4) In order to get reimbursed for damages, you will need to sue the motorist, or the parents of the motorist, if the motorist is a minor and get a judgement against the motorist (or the parents). You can then use the judgement to begin seizing the bank account of or garnishing the wages of the motorist or whatever to get your money.
BobW, sounds like some real foot-dragging there. Might be either "connectivity" of the perp or "unusable bandwidth" (laziness) at the local PD, or both. If you HAVE property insurance, your insurance company rep will likely be able to help, and if the problem really is that the perp is connected into local gubmint and PD in some fashion, getting a lawyer involved is going to be an absolute requirement. If you haven't already, take the pictures you have of the damage and supply them to your insurance co. rep AND your lawyer, along with a statement of the facts as you experienced them, so they can check on each other.while "workin' the case". Your insurance should be able to get the other party's insurance company to pay, as long as there is something there.
Good luck, and stay in touch with your friends in case this turns into some sort of mob boss's "son gone bad" story.
Wait till their adjuster wants to low ball the value of your fence as being old and "needs to be depreciated accordingly".
Hang tough and do not settle- its a waiting game. Using words like "calling the state insurance commission" usually loosens up the purse strings. Best of luck!!
We had a similar event in Vermontville Mi. A young fellow came through town at break-neck speed. The town proper is only about 5 blocks long a distance of less than a mile.. just out of town he hit it hard and in about 1/2 mile the dip in the road rolled his car, so rolled over and slammed into the side of a house., fell out and the car landed on him dead.
A darn shame, the news came that he was drunk or on drugs/or both.
I had an issue with kaiser health insurance. Monthly premiums when up and down over 100% for no reason. They stopped sending me a bill. I asked them what was my monthly premium, they could not answer?
They sent me a letter claiming that they had told me 60 days earlier to pay or I would lose my insurase.
I called the state insurance commission and the nice lady got it figured out. They could not tell her the premium either.
Turns out they cashed my checks and forgot to credit my account.
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