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OT sort of, or maybe not: Foreign Aid Incorrect claims

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Apr 14, 2018
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Sorry, shouldn't do this but fools rush in; thread was rightfully locked because people were going nutso but one factual thing was being misrepresented, and I hate lies.

Neither Australia nor the US is giving "foreign aid" to India. India quit accepting foreign aid in 2010, thirteen years ago. India is now a net giver-outter of aid.

Outraged claims of aid to India are incorrct. Australia's major foreign aid is to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. I did not see any aid to China from Australia in a quick search.

US aid to China was one point seven million dollars, a pitiful amount -- of which about half went to salaries at USAID, a US government or non-government organization. So that money stayed right in good ol' Washington DC where the overeducated underbrained privileged kids of the wealthy get to sit around in offices sucking at the public tit. Half the money claimed as "aid".

Of the remainder, most went to smuggling control joint projects, some agriculture and bug-control projects that the two countries were cooperating in, and a tiger salvation project. Eighty thousand bucks here and there to projects that benefit both countries, not "aid".

Last year San Francisco lost a billion dollars because of the lack of Chinese tourists. You can look that up too, didn't come out my butt.

In the past, the biggest recipient of "US aid to China" was the Export-Import Bank, a US institution which helps to finance exports from the US to other countries. Yes, it was lending to Chinese companies - to buy products from the US. In my biased opinion, cutting this was somewhat similar to cutting your nose off to spite your face.

This is not talk-radio opinion, these are facts which you can look up, I think we'd all be better off if we stuck to facts instead of running off half-cocked over imagined slights ?

And yeah, I'd rather see them spend money to rescue bears, wolves and mountain lions in the american west but if they did that, ranchers would be burning down the gates. So it's safe to rescue tigers in dongbei. Maybe China can finance rescuing mountain lions and wolves in the US, that'd be a good tradeoff.

Okay, don't mean to stir up more trouble but I hate leaving lies spreading down the hallway like a blob of rancid trimsol, it's ugly and nasty and dishonest and smells really really bad. If you don't like something that's fine but we don't need to lie about it.
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