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OT- source for an inexpensive screw jack?


Oct 23, 2010
Maryland- USA

I am doing a buildout for a club on a volunteer basis and need a source for eight screw jacks at low cost.
The design I need is as follows and a 500 pound load is sufficient.
Any ideals where to buy some of these cheap?

Thanks all.

Depending your definition of "cheap" and on the extension needed, screw jacks like the one in my 1998 Toyota pickup would fill the bill. I have adapted a couple for use in my shop. They are dead simple, compact, and reliable. Have a few club members loan you theirs for a day or two?

Not like the picture, but If you want a car screw jack from an auto salvage yard, LKQPickYourPart has them for $12.62
Duff Norton/Joyce jacks can be found on ebay, tougher part is quantity of 8 matching units.

If you don't need a Duff/Joyce unit and depending on stroke/size requirements you might find something on www.surpluscenter.com

You show a ball screw jacks, the ones I have here are not self locking if that matters to you. All my acme screw jacks are self locking.
Look at RV places and web sites. A trailer needs to be leveled and they often/usually sell them in sets of four and that helps keep the price down.