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OT: Who Else Rides a Motorcycle?

Put on bar end mirrors. They will stick out farther than ones mounted to the controls and no brackets are needed.
i have them on the sv. no goood either, unless you flip them down, but then the way of sight is too long. im actually going to make ones that stick straight out. thatl give good vision but might look quite weird.
There was the Topper, the Pacer, the Hummer, and the Scat that I remember. Shortster came later ? Dudley Perkins used to ride his Topper around at the races.

You couldn't get away with some of those names these days :D
You get strange looks when you tell people you learned "do it in the dirt" with a Hummer.:)
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As requested:

(as you can see, some strange dude with white hair has co-opted some of my bikes. I still look exactly like the photo with the blue garage in the background)

Also the red K75 in the front of the first picture has just had the ABS removed. Finally! It's about 30 lbs lighter now.


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im currently a bit obsessed with mirrors. personally i would take most bikes off the road because you cant see the traffic behind you. on the harley the prototype was easy. on the fazer its quite complex. the contraption has to move a bit in two planes, otherwise you never get it right. still musing over how to actually make the addapter. best to cast it from some resin but thats a lot of work, especially because the two are inverted.

if you have any ideas on this, please share.
Get a Bambu X1C and print your adapters in carbon fiber nylon.
Most stock mirrors give you a great view. Of your elbow. As you can tell from my photos above, I'm a big fan of Napoleon bar-end mirrors. I only put them on the left bar. I figure if I'm letting down into a slower lane, I probably should be turning my head to look anyway.
Speaking of evasive maneuvers.... about 40 years ago, my friends and I were riding through some little podunk town in SW Missouri, headed for Silver Dollar City amusement park.... Branson Mo.
It had rained that morning and we were riding on the blacktop Main Street of this town. Reed Springs, Mo.
I was heading south on a slight downhill grade, right through the middle of this town... about 25/30 mph... when out of nowhere, this lady pulls off a sidestreet right in front of me...she looks up and see's me and instinctively stomps on her brakes... stops right in front of me.
Well, it happened so fast... I can't recall the exact distance we're talking here, but I saw her looking right at me as she stopped and I couldn't have been more than a hundred foot from her. I hit the back brakes, and probably the front- can't remember- and on the rain slick road I was sliding right at the side of her car.
Somehow, I laid it over... don't remember right or left... but this 1980 Yamaha 750 special (3 cylinder) and I both hit the side of the car at the same time... I slid under the car head first, and the cycle was right behind me... bent the forks back and the front tire was against the engine cradle.
Luckily she wasn't rolling or the car would have ran me over and killed me.
I had a helmet on... had to wear them in Mo. back then, not in Kansas... still don't in Kansas.
I managed to extricate myself from beneath the car and stood up, looked around at everyone looking at me... looked at the lady in the car... and then I walked over and sat down on the curb at the side of the street.
Other than a deep gash on the back of the helmet from me sliding on the pavement (all I had on was a tee shirt and blue jeans).. I was uninjured.
Had to phone back home and have a friend bring a truck down to fetch me and disabled cycle.
So much for a day at play...
That Ribelle looks really tempting. What's your opinion of it?
Its my daily driver. About as fast as a 1000cc 4 or 1200 cc twin. I got it cheap (7K) it was a low sided bike that was rebuilt by the Energica dealer. Had it 2 years with no problems. Its got the smaller 13.4K battery. Around 80 miles mixed freeway and around town. Charges from 10% to 90% in around 19 min at 24kw at a fast charger. Just an amazing 2 wheeled experience. Kinda heavy at 660lb! but somehow they made it feel very much lighter. The older models are coming up in the 8-10K range as the new models have way better specs. Top class support from reading the Fbook group, though Ive not needed any yet.


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Not been riding for something like 25 years...but my first two bikes, 1960's Brits, sit well protected under cover, needing batteries, or a fresh capacitor, and likely at this time tires.
Great memories and lots of miles on Brits and couple of Harleys which needless to say produced quite a number of great on the road breakdown stories. Tens of thousands of miles.
Since most of the rides were two to three week long road trips the Harleys never failed to disappoint...a coil fractured in 100 degree heat at Crow Agency, Montana, a trans shaft broke at the clutch drum near Idaho Springs, blizzard on 'Going To The Sun Road' and some other minor stuff somewhere on the way to the East or West Coast.
Road stories...seems everyone has some good ones mainly inspired by riding a cycle.
Riding was a real habit...long trips, or a breakfast run every Sunday morning but something broke the chain like a kid and a new job....or something.
Now it's age and aching bones and a lack of adventure.
I have a motorcycle license, and have had bikes, but the only bikes I have are dirt bikes. Riding on the street embodies everything I hate about driving....other drivers, crowded roads, and on a motorcycle I am even more apt to suffer for the stupidity of other drivers. I'd love to go back in time and ride on the roads of the 1950's....but no way in 2023.
Staying alive on a motorcycle teaches one to avoid the morons in my truck...
Been riding my whole life. At the moment I own a Goldwing and I'm doing a complete rebuild to show a 1970 XLH. The motor is a '70 lower end with a '74 top end bored .040, 10:1 forged pistons with PJ cams. It's in a 70's Santee hardtail frame, springer front end. Old school chop


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When I was a lad an old time motorcyclist told me ;- All learner drivers first do a compulsory 6 months on a motorbike, what's left can drive what they want .

Call it 6 decades later, I cannot argue with him.
My last two (so far).
The blue one was too slow to be any fun, so I sold it to fund flying lessons.
I recently sold the other one to help fund an airplane, mostly because my lower back and it did not agree on how many miles was too many, and as they say, "A mile of highway takes you a mile.. a mile of Runway takes you anywhere you want to go"...