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OT You can tell an older machinist by.

I guess I'm old as I call any caliper be it a dial or digital caliper a vernier. "hand me that vernier....." One of the engineers at work laughed one time I unknowingly said it. I didnt even realize it.
He has one of these close by at all times.
Oh god please no. I had a boss that was like that, always wore that thing. He seemed ancient, probably younger than many of us here are now. But the bad part was, he had a routine. Get in about 9:30, walk in the door, drop his pants down to his knees and rearrange his underwear, then pull the pants back up to tuck his shirt in..

If your imagination still works, better turn it off. And the reality was even worse.

Even the sight of one of those makes me queasy.
That's one. Keeping the inexperienced guy busy with menial tasks, rather than letting them sit on their phone. IMO in addition to the "character building" it's good for sorting out the guys who'll stick with it and the ones who want to go back to flipping burgers. The really good tasks are one's that are useful and you learn to get good at and not dread them, like sharpening drill bits.
+2 for Dan. In the 80's EM Smith & Co (Peoria IL) bought 500ish EMS company logo with the bull of the woods cartoon calendars for like $10ish per. They only went to the best accounts.
There was a definite uptick in biz after September each year, LOL.

Good luck MATT
No gloves and an apron, yup.

I laugh at the youngens thinkin " GLOVES"
Last's a couple weeks then gloves are gone.