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Palmgren vise... not the quality they use to be. Not really made in the USA.

I bet Lemmy had a pretty open mind. Apparently, Rob Zombie likes Babymetal.

Apparently he did have an open mind, it was a joke.

On the other hand with a few drinks he was a raging a'hole, nearly got into a fight with him at the Rainbow on Sunset once. Being a few inches taller then him worked to my advantage
Their guitarist is insane! Sure it's 3-4 cute girls singing, but the guitarists and drummer are damn good. Not that I like that ultra fast picking that Herman Li does in Dragonforce but the talent is definitely there.
And they sell out arenas... I've no clue wtf they're saying though lol.

Lots of good shredders out there certainly, not to my liking either though. Although the playing of say Yngwie Malmsteen is impressive, kinda leaves me cold.

Prefer Rory Gallagher/Tony Iommi/Richie Blackmore/Gary Moore/Leslie West/Ry Cooder ('specially when doing slide)

Been listening to Mastadon recently, their good.


LOL can't understand what their saying either.

Mind you I can't watch TV these days without sub titles, in between actors mumbling, tinnitus, and general decaying of brain power I need all the help I can get.
Yeah it is. I can tell you never bought anything out of JC Whitney or from the insides of matchbooks. There was lots and lots of junk, all "Made in U.S.A."

Hell, the engine use to literally fall out of my Corvair. Down to the halfshafts, anyhow. They kept it from dragging on the road.

Had Lufkin mics, too. They were nice enough but shars is just as good. There was never anything special about Made in USA. Some was good, some was junky. It's only been since there isn't any that people are getting all nostalgic -- until now they are bemoaning the quality of a fricking palmgen. Sheesh.
Wow, EmGo you certainly nailed a few things from my past!

One of the great joys of my childhood was reading the JC Whitney catalog. When I was old enough to get my first car (1963 Triumph TR4) they had many parts and tools that none of the local auto parts store had. And yes some of it was USA made junk but it did do the job. I still miss the catalog.

My next car was a 1966 Corvair convertible. It had lots of miles on it so I can't comment as to its reliability if it were in better shape. But I drove it everywhere until the rocker panels and the rest of the car started to rust away.

Now on to Lufkin mics. Most of my mics are Lufkin's from the 1950's. I have probably 30 of them up to 24". The smaller ones all read to 10ths and in my opinion are better than anything Starrett or Mitutoyo ever made. Now these were aquired over many years on Ebay and almost all are in near new condition. The 1" to 2" one I use all the time and it has better repeatability than a brand new Starrett I bought 10 years ago which I paid extra for it to come with a certificate of calibration.

I also have a set of very cheap Chinese mics that I bought 20 years ago just to get one size. I can't really say anything bad about them. They proved to be much better than I expected and are very accurate.. And I can't complain about getting six mics for $40.
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Look around for a Heinrich.
I have two 6 inchers - both from auctions for about a C Note each.
They are cast steel not iron.
I spent about $175 on each of them for new jaw inserts, clamping rings and a knob or two.
They are good vises and already had a couple of gouges so I'm not too worried if I screw up some day.


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