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Panel Saw Reccomendation


Cast Iron
Jun 9, 2017
We are a machine shop that recently brought in some bigger machines to do larger work. That said larger parts require more crating than we are used to. We have an older table saw we use for cutting our plywood however it is small and cutting 8ft sheets does take up a decent amount of floor space (also requires two people to make the curts 1-2 cuts because it hangs off the table so far.. Currently considering a sawtrax 1052 panel saw. Also looking at some of the grizzly ones. Any recommendations or feedback on a saw for this type of work and minimal floor space would be appreciated. Must be able to cut 4x8ft plywood, most finish crate sizes are in the 1ftx2ft, 4ftx4ft and 3ft x 6ft ranges.
We're in the same boat. Not a lot of room and need a panel saw, but don't have enough room for both the table saw (also used for ripping and odd jobs) and panel saw. I've looked at some of the DIY kits, from the perspective that we have extra rotary saws, and we could make it fit the space desired. Still on the to-do list though.
I have not used or been around any of these in this class other than at the local home depot. I have an 80's vintage HolzHer vertical panel saw that works very well. My only thought is the ones that use a hand held circular saw for the motor would likely not be a long term solution, you might want something a little more.

I have had mine awhile now, but I got it for $400. I have seen similar at auction for under $1,000. If you have the time and energy, I'd be looking there instead of new.
I have a Safety Speed panel saw. It will take full sheets but you can roll it into a corner so it doesn't take up too much room when not in use. It's about 10 ft in the long direction.

You probably want one with the longer track, narrow ones take up less room but it may be harder to accurately cut smaller pieces off the end of the panel.

Make sure the power head is something decent. Mine is a Milwaukee and it's bullet proof.

I have seen diy plans for a wall mounted panel saw that doesn't take up any floor space; there's probably commercial ones available.

Panel saws really make cutting 4x8 sheets a one person operation. Trying to deal with sheets on a regular table saw can get dangerous. Wish I had gotten mine years earlier.
Not exactly what was asked about, but a track saw might work well for you. Two sawhorses and a sheet of MDF and you have a good set up for what you're doing and it stows super small.