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Parameters wiped please help


Apr 27, 2023
Hi guys
Got my Okuma working lovely finally then bosh parameters and everything has wiped. Don’t know why.

It’s an MB46VAE 2001 with an OSPU100M CONTROL I have followed the manual to try re install all the software. Luckily I got all the backup disks and 1/8 software floppy’s.

I’m doing as follows:
- power
- control on
- install switch mode on
- reset button next to install mode
But for some reason can’t get install mode to activate.

Any ideas or help welcome. I have spent all my money buying my machines and don’t really have the money to get an Okuma guy out. So really need to get this done myself.
Can you share screenshot when installing software?
Any alarm, error or message appear on screen?