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Parker 974 1/2 B vice


Nov 22, 2023
20231123_094413.jpg20231123_094446.jpg20231123_094504.jpg20231123_094604.jpgHello everyone
I'm new here and my name is Paul
I have a Parker 974 1/2 B Vice I am about to paint and then use on my workbench
The vice jaws are good and not beat up at all and overall the Vice is in great shape
However the two pins in each jaw that hold them onto vice are what look like nails
The jaws are solid to the vice but before using it I want to correct this situation
Any and All advice will be greatly appreciated

Thank you all


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They are round shape and frankly they seem like regular nails and they come out the other side about 1/2" and are then bent a bit
Also the vice has a plate that is I'm guessing adhered inside of a rectangular pocket that has the model # on it and this is on screw side of vice